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  • Eyes On Ethiopia

    EYES ON ETHIOPIA - An African Health Crisis There is a crisis in Ethiopia right now.

  • Ethiopia Eye Health Crisis

  • Surgeons target trachoma in Ethiopia

    A mobile surgical squad has hit the road in the Oromia region of Ethiopia going village to village to tackle the scourge of trachoma.

  • Meet our Country Managers

    Behind every great organisation is a great team of people. And here at The Fred Hollows Foundation we have dedicated and passionate local country managers committed to the work Fred Hollows started all those years ago. Hear Zareen from Bangladesh, Jane from Kenya, Phuc from Vietnam, Abajobir from Ethiopia and Massimo "Max" from Rwanda talk about their programs and the wonderful work that is being done with your support.

  • The Foundation helps map trachoma hotspots in Ethiopia with phone app.

    In a major achievement for global trachoma elimination, a smartphone-driven survey in Ethiopia has identified where treatment is urgently needed for millions of people infected with the eye disease.

  • Foundation treats 7.6 million people for trachoma in 2012

    In 2012, The Fred Hollows Foundation helped treat over 7.6 million people with trachoma, the world’s leading infectious cause of blindness.

  • Global survey to identify 180 million at risk of blinding disease begins in Ethiopia

    The Foundation is leading Australia’s contribution to eliminating the most common infectious cause of blindness in the world, with mapping of the disease trachoma beginning in Ethiopia.

  • Africa: Work with us

    The Fred Hollows Foundation is a successful and well respected International Development Organisation.  We are committed to supporting employment opportunities for local people within the countries where we work.  Before applying for a position with us, please ensure you have the appropriate eligibility to work. We appreciate the time every applicant takes to express their interest in working at The Foundation and have included some additional information to assist you with your application.

  • Foundation supports food relief for Ethiopia

    The Fred Hollows Foundation is contributing to a food relief program for people in two regions of Ethiopia as the country’s hunger crisis worsens.

  • Langaliki

  • Ethiopia

    Ethiopia has the highest burden of trachoma, the leading infectious cause of blindness in the world. The Fred Hollows Foundation is working as part of a global effort to eliminate trachoma and end this form of avoidable blindness.

  • Launch of Ethiopia Program

    The Foundation has begun work to restore the sight of people living with avoidable blindness in the northern regions of Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a country with more than 80 million inhabitants. Approximately 1.26 million Ethiopians are blind but there are only 103 ophthalmologists in the country, centred mostly near the country’s capital, Addis Ababa. Cataract accounts for almost 50 per cent of blindness.

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